University Baptist Church
2515 N. Kickapoo
Shawnee, OK 74804
Phone: 405-275-1990
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Members and Friends Section

The Members and Friends section of the web site is a private area, accessible with a valid USER ID and PASSWORD.  This area contains information which could be considered slightly sensitive, such as the list of deacon families, the committee structure, a list of E-mail addresses, etc.

If you would like access to this section of the web site, please contact Michael Atchley (  USER ID’s and PASSWORDS are generated manually upon request.  If you prefer to specify your USER ID and/or PASSWORD, please provide them.

If you would also like to have your E-mail address added to the directory on this private section, please let M. Atchley know about that as well.  The section is maintained on a secure server, so listing your address here should not result in unwanted “spam”.

If you are not a member or otherwise closely associated with the church, your request for access may be denied.

With a valid USER ID, access to the Members and Friends section can be gained by clicking HERE.  You will need to enter your USER ID and PASSWORD when prompted.

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