Traditional Set-up

 4/14/2019 update

A/V Operators

The Traditional service is usually less elaborate than the Contemporary service. The typical set-up is:


  1. Piano on "Low Stick"

  2. SM57 mic on the piano

  3. Make sure that there is no monitor plugged into the CHOIR jack behind the rail, stage right. If it is plugged in, the CHOIR monitors will not work:

  4. One music stand center stage back for the music director to direct the choir

  5. One music stand center stage front in line with the center mic (boom)

  6. One boom stand with monitor center-stage

    1. Monitor plugged in

    2. Red mic on the boom, plugged into channel 4

  7. One straight stand stage left, mid-back

    1. For the choir director during invitation

    2. Yellow mic, plugged into channel 5

  8. One Line 6 wireless body pack with a headset microphone

    1. Check the battery level >= 4 hours

    2. Verify that it is set for wireless Channel 3

    3. Place on the center front pew

  9. The two choir mics stay in place, but need to be tested to make sure they work (see below)

  10. Open the Sound Console Cabinet

    1. Raise the recording computer monitor and power up.

    2. Start the recording computer

    3. Log-on

    4. Start Audacity

    5. Start the Line 6 wireless receivers Channel 2, Channel 3 and Channel 4

    6. Start the Sound Console (POWER ON switch on the back)

    7. Set the Record control, Instrument, Floor and Choir monitor outputs to the appropriate level (usually 12:00 position)

    8. Check that all mics in use are working:

      1. Normal MIC and MAIN setting is at "U" (unity gain). With the MAIN set at "U", turn on the mics, and set them for "U." There should be no feedback.

      2. Turn down all the in-use mics, then set the MAIN fader to maximum (+10 dB).

      3. For each mic in use, raise the level towards max. At max, you should begin to hear some feedback. That mic is working.

      4. Repeat for each mic. If feedback happens too early when raising the volume, the GAIN control may need to be lowered.

      5. If the CHOIR mics do not work, check the position of the PHANTOM switch on the rear of the console, next to the POWER ON switch. Phantom power sometimes gets turned off accidentally. It must be on for the CHOIR mics to work (see photo, below).

Make sure the Phantom switch is turned on for the Choir mics to work.

Make sure the Phantom switch is turned on for the Choir mics to work.


  1. Open the Video control cabinet

    1. Deploy the A/V computer shelf

    2. Connect the VGA cable to the laptop

    3. Start the laptop and Log-on

    4. Wait for the laptop to boot up and sync with the cloud (Dropbox, Spotify)

      1. Close the Spotify app.

      2. Open the Proclaim app.

      3. Open the Proclaim file for the 8:30 service for today’s date. It will take some time to sync.

    5. Start the Confidence Monitor projector

    6. Start the two main PANASONIC projectors (use the remote, left power button to turn on).

    7. Start the presentation (F5 or click on “On Air”).

    8. Select the correct video channel for display (usually channel 6).