JUly 21, 2018

Lay Led Service
Justin Dunn will speak in the Lay Led service tonight at 6:00. 

Combined Services in July
During the month of July we will have one combined morning worship service at 11:00 a.m.  The first two Sundays were led by our 8:30 worship team and the last two Sundays will be led by our 11:00 worship team. 

Adult Sunday School Classes Project
The Adult Sunday School classes received information today about providing items for a welcome basket for an international student at OBU.  Each class will be asked to provide specific items from the list.  All items should be brought to the church by Sunday, July 28. 

50th Anniversary Celebration
UBC friends are invited to the 50th Anniversary Celebration for John and Mary Kay Parrish to be held Saturday, August 10, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. in the Mabee Suite at the Noble Complex at OBU.  RSVP by contacting Robin at 405-496-6777, or robin.parrish@gmail.com.  No presents please.  Your presence is a gift to us. 

Summer Mowing Schedule
The signup sheet is posted on the office window for weekly mowing of the lot east of the parking lot.  During normal summer rainfall, weekly mowing is adequate.

Thank You
If you sent a card, brought food, visited us, prayed for us, assisted with transportation or just thought about us with care and love, we thank you.  You have blessed us and we love you for your care.

The Jess Partridge Family

From the Media Team
The Worship Media (A/V) Team is looking for two volunteers to help with sound and visuals this summer. Training will be provided. 

From the Personnel Committee
UBC is looking for a part-time Youth Minister and a part-time Children’s Director.  If you would like to serve our church in either of these capacities, please submit your resume to the church office  Job descriptions may be viewed at  https://www.ubcshawnee.org/youth-minister and https://www.ubcshawnee.org/childrens-director. 

Birthdays This Week
Shelley Levisay, Sarah Marsh, Mary Rolette, Sherry Jones, Jack Little

Coming Soon
July 22            Mission Shawnee Sandwich Prep
July 29            Mission Shawnee Sandwich Prep
Aug. 2             Mission Shawnee Sandwich Prep
Aug. 17           OBU Move In Day Sandwich Lunch