Youth Minister (Part-time)
University Baptist Church
February 20, 2019 

Purpose for this Position:

The Youth Minister is responsible for planning and leadership of ministry to all students (grades 7-12) and their families.


1.       Develop and lead an effective ministry of outreach and discipleship with students (grades 7-12) and their families in conjunction with the overall church ministry.
2.       Work with the Pastor and necessary ministry teams, volunteers, and interns to coordinate the youth ministry programs.
3.       Plan and coordinate a midweek Bible study for youth.
4.       Plan and coordinate a holistic ministry with students and families including camps, retreats, and outreach activities.
5.       Plan and coordinate a monthly activity focused on fellowship and outreach.
6.       The youth minister is expected to be present and assume a leadership role at all youth ministry related events and activities.
7.       Work strategically with current youth in the church and work to reach others outside the church.
8.       Identify and develop youth leadership within the youth ministry.
9.       Work with pastor and Youth Ministry Team to identify and provide development opportunities for adult volunteers for youth ministry.
10.    Prepare and administer the youth budget in cooperation with the Youth Ministry Team.
11.    At the pastor’s direction, participate in staff meeting at least monthly and other staff-related training.
12.    Work with the pastor to direct the activities of any family ministry interns.
13.    Communicate regularly with the Youth Ministry Team and volunteers.
14.    Serve as an ex officio member of the Church Council and Youth Ministry Team.

 Essential Qualifications:

The Youth Minister must have a calling to ministry and a working biblical knowledge.  The youth minister must demonstrate an understanding of adolescent development and spiritual formation necessary to develop and administer an effective student and family ministry program.  The Youth Minister must also possess a genuine love for students and families.  As a member of the ministry team and as a role model for students, the minister is expected to also be an active member and supporter of the church.


1.      The Youth Minister reports directly to the Pastor and the Personnel Committee and is expected to work closely with the Pastor in planning and carrying out ongoing ministry programs.
2.      The Youth Minister works alongside the Youth Ministry Team providing support, input and encouragement with the goal of increasing the success of UBC’s youth ministry. 
3.      The Youth Minister works directly with the many volunteers vital to carrying out the ongoing programs involved in the youth ministry.  The Youth Minister must communicate regularly with these volunteers, keeping them informed, and providing them support and training necessary to develop and maintain a growing ministry.