Lay-led Set-up

 12/30/2017 update

A/V Operators

The Lay-led service is usually less elaborate than the Contemporary or Traditional services. The typical set-up is:

  1. Piano on "Low Stick."
  2. SM57 mic on the piano.
  3. The second wireless body pack transmitter (channel 4, not the one that the pastor uses) with the lavalier mic attached, placed on the left front pew 
    1. Check the battery level before placing the mic.
    2. The mic is for Norma or Barbara Ellen to use.
    3. This is used to send a vocal from the audience to the Instrument monitor to help the pianist and the congregation stay together during singing.
  4. Yellow SM58 on a straight stand just in front of the stage-right end of the front pew (left end of center pew as viewed from the audience).   
  5. One music stand in front of the yellow mic.



     Detail of wireless [Channel 20] set-up:

    1. Start the Line 6 wireless receivers Channels 2, 3 and 4.
    2. Start the Sound Console (POWER ON switch on the back).
    3. Set the Instrument monitor output to the appropriate level (usually 12:00 position).
    4. Check that the Yellow mic is working:
      1. Normal MIC and MAIN setting is at "U" (unity gain). With the MAIN set at "U", turn on the Yellow mic and set it for "U." There should be no feedback.
      2. Set the MAIN fader to maximum (+10 dB).
      3. Raise the yellow mic level towards max. At max, you should begin to hear some feedback.  That mic is working.
      4. Remember to lower the MAIN fader back to "U" after testing.
    5. Set the wireless mic [CHANNEL 20 ON THE BOARD] to about 20 and make sure the PAN control is fully clockwise (we do not want to send the wireless sound to the main speakers, only to the instrument monitor for the pianist to hear.)
    6. Set the piano mic at "U."

    Running the console:

    1. Normally, the only adjustments are made to the yellow mic, depending on who is speaking.
    2. The Piano mic can be left at "U". If it seems a little loud, it only helps the congregation hear better and sing more confidently.
    3. Norma (or Barbara Ellen, or Mary Kay) will turn the lavalier mic on and off as needed. You can leave the wireless channel un-muted and ready during the entire service.