Sunday School

There are Sunday School classes for all ages—newborns through senior adults. Sunday School classes meet from 9:45-10:45 a.m. and are generally segmented by age or topic of interest.

Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups, also called C-Groups for short, are small groups which meet in homes every-other week on Sunday nights. C-Groups are a great opportunity for fellowship and getting to know other church members on a deeper lever. C-Group members "covenant" together in prayer, accountability, and fellowship. Groups usually form at the beginning of each school semester.


UBC has an active youth group led by Thresa Swadley. They have regular meetings on Wednesday and Sunday nights. In the summertime they travel to camp and do mission work regionally in the southwest United States.

Being right across from OBU has its perks. We are officially the closest church in town for OBU students. In fact, many students (especially on nice-weather days) simply walk across the street to UBC. For college students we offer Sunday School (9:45).