Outreach Ministries

Here's just a partial list of the ways in which the members of UBC show compassion and care for the people of Shawnee.

  • Family Promise — a ministry to feed and house homeless families

  • Community Renewal — Block parties, strategic relationship-building, summer camps

  • H2O — feeds people in need

  • Loaves and Fishes — feeds people in need 

  • Nursing Home Ministry — provides music and Bible studies to those who perhaps can't attend UBC in-person.

Deacon Ministry

At UBC, our deacons play a critical role in ministering to the members of our congregation.

Serving as a deacon at University Baptist Church involves, above all else, assuming a servant role. The Deacons, along with the Pastor, are to minister compassionately to members of the congregation and to be builders of Christian fellowship. University Baptist Church has a Deacon Family Ministry Plan that provides an opportunity for each Deacon to minister to several assigned families of the church. Contact the church office (405-275-1990) to connect with your deacon.

The qualifications to serve as a Deacon are founded on Biblical principles especially outlined in I Timothy 3:8-12, Acts 6:1-6 and Titus 1:6-9. Such principles include honesty, wisdom, faithfulness, temperance, following the leadership of the Holy Spirit and striving for a strong Christian family.

Deacons are to be worthy of respect and should strive to show, by example, their commitment to support church programs, faithful church attendance, stewardship of time and money, and compassionate concern for identified needs within the church.

Our deacons serve three year terms, with one-third of the deacons rotating off each year.