December 21: Psalm 25

            The psalmist wants guidance (vs. 4).  He wants to be forgiven (vs. 7).  He is confessing his sins (vs. 8-9).  He remembers times when God has saved and been faithful (vs. 6).  He is God-fearing (vs. 12-15).  The psalmist prays for others (vs. 22).  He also pleads for protection (vs. 20).  He looks for God to do something right now.

            I feel like the psalmist is in the middle of the process, in the middle of life.  He is sitting smack dab in the “in-between.”  It is very much where most of us are now.  We have a heart for God and we seek him, but we are in the middle.

            At Advent we are reminded that Christ came and is with us.  God comes right to the middle of where we are and shows up when we need a savior.  God hasn’t forgotten in the past and God won’t forget in the future.  God steps in and saves.  We have hope and security in the love of God--no matter what.  He meets us.  What does it mean to be “in the middle” to you?

            Have you ever been RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of a 60-mile bike ride or a one-hour workout when you stop and think “I want to be done; I don’t want to continue.  I can’t go on.”  This happens to me constantly.  I can make the choice to stop or push through and finish what I started.  After the choice to continue and finish the journey, don’t you feel you’ve accomplished something?  Just imagine God feeling so accomplished when you reach out to him for his unconditional love right in the middle of whatever is going on in your life.

            Being in the in-between isn’t always fun, but it isn’t always bad either.  Can you think about other times we are in the middle?  Traffic—a phone call—a meeting—an argument.  All these help us come up with images of being in the middle of things.  God often interrupts our lives right in the middle of what we are doing.  He teaches us, saves us, and leads us.

The Psalmist shows that following Christ will always bring good and true intentions.  He is longing for God’s guidance for the sake of a life that is good and true, past, present, and future.  God’s guidance is always loving and perfect.  We desire to live like Christ in the in-between.

Channing Seikel and Allison Kentle