December 23: Psalm 98:1-9

            I am curious; am I the only one who sets a reminder on their phone for just about everything?  I need to be reminded of daily tasks such as running errands, paying bills, and even calling my grandma on her birthday.  What would we do without technology?  In a deeper sense, God’s people have always struggled with forgetfulness.  The Israelites had just witnessed the incredible miracle of God parting the Red Sea and they walked across on the dry ground where waters had once been rushing.  They were free from Pharaoh and the slavery they had endured in Egypt for hundreds of years.  Then two chapters later they were grumbling against Moses and proclaiming that God had brought them into the wilderness to kill them!  How quickly we forget God’s love and faithfulness!  Thankfully, God is not forgetful.  Psalm 98:3 says “He has remembered his steadfast love and faithfulness to the house of Israel.”

            I absolutely love this time of year with its twinkling lights, the smell of spices, and the crisp winter air.  My mind is filled with thoughts of loved ones, the joy of giving to others, and building anticipation of Christmas morning.  Yet the thing I have grown to love most is the manner in which this time of year is set apart to remember our Savior.  Jesus was the ultimate fulfillment of every promise God has ever made.  Jesus proved that God had indeed not only remembered Israel, but the world, and demonstrated his unwavering love by sending us his only Son.

            Christmas morning will come and go, decorations will come down, and we will move into the new year.  It can all feel so empty if we don’t take hold of the true reason we celebrate Christmas:  God remembered.  He saw his people hurting, broken, lost and depraved, and He acted.  He sent Jesus, the embodiment of his love, yet so fragile and small.  Jesus, who would take upon His shoulders the weight of every sin to bring his people true freedom.  Let us remember what we are celebrating:  that his love is and will always be unwavering.

Hannah Little