4/14/2016 update

Recommended Qualifications:

  1. Faithful in attendance

  2. Arranges for replacement if not able to attend

  3. Comfortable with technology


Provides support for the worship team/congregation:

  1. Set-up before the service (check worship bulletin for possible needs)

  2. Coordinate with worship leaders before the service in case they need something beyond the usual set-up

  3. Test the state of readiness/replace batteries if necessary for all battery-powered devices (wireless microphones).

  4. Pre-check the sound system to make sure everything is working

  5. Start the projectors and verify operation (if required)

  6. Operate the sound system / projection during the service

  7. Record the service for shut-ins on a computer, and publish/distribute as MP3s.

  8. Secure microphones, etc. after the service, or help set up for the next service, as appropriate.


Priorities during the service:

  1. Maintain a good mix for the audience

  2. Maintain a good mix for the choir (if present)

  3. Maintain a good mix for the instruments/vocalists

  4. Maintain a good mix for the recordings

  5. Maintain the projection in sync with the service