University Baptist Church
Budget Adoption Procedure

By October 1, each budget head or committee chairperson is sent a copy of the current year budget and the list of year-to-date expenditures with a letter requesting that their input for the following year be returned by October 31.

When these responses are received, they are put together to form the basis of the following year’s proposed budget. This is done after each item is reviewed by the Finance Committee. In some cases, the items are changed and in some cases more information is requested. These requests are compared to the expected income level and adjustments are made to make certain budgeted expenditures do not exceed projected revenue.

On the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving, the proposed budget is presented to the church in a special business meeting for a line-by-line item discussion and revision as needed. At this meeting, a vote is taken to recommend adoption of the budget proposal.

The recommended budget is then distributed in line item form to the membership and presented in summary form for church vote on the second Sunday of December. This vote is done by secret ballot and without discussion. The Tabulating Committee counts the ballots and reports to the church at the next service.