Your wedding is a sacred occasion. It will be most meaningful to you and your families and friends when there is careful planning. The members of University Baptist Church desire that the buildings of the church be of service to you but at the same time realize the necessity of protecting the physical property and conserving the time and efforts of those charged with maintenance.

You will want to plan you wedding as early in advance as possible so that the use of the church space can be arranged without conflict. The date of the wedding is set in consultation with the UBC Church Secretary and Wedding Coordinator, then put on the church calendar. The Wedding Coordinator will assist you and answer any questions you may have regarding the use of our facilities.

Members of UBC and all others who may desire the use of the church facilities for weddings are invited to request the Pastor or any ordained minister on the staff of the church to perform the marriage ceremony. Honorariums given these ministers performing ceremonies are the responsibility of the couple. Couples who desire the use of church facilities for their wedding and who desire the services of a minister who is not a member of the church staff will consult the Pastor of University Baptist Church.

Music and Musicians
The members of University Baptist Church request the families involved in weddings to be sensitive to the true nature of the marriage ceremony. Music used in a wedding to be held in the facilities of University Baptist Church must be harmonious with a Christian view of human love and faithfulness. Secular songs that do not meet this standard should be reserved for the reception or rehearsal dinner. The Minister of Music of University Baptist Church has been authorized to make final decisions in all musical selections for wedding ceremonies. In addition, the Minister of Music must approve musicians who are to play the church organ or piano. Any honorarium given to instrumentalists on the church staff of University Baptist Church is the responsibility of the couple.

It is the responsibility of the couple to make all arrangements for the reception with the Wedding Coordinator. Couples should provide their own personnel responsible for serving during the reception and cleaning the church kitchen and any items used following the reception. All receptions must be concluded and the building cleared by 10:00 p.m. No rice, birdseed, or confetti is allowed in the church building. Birdseed is preferred for outside activities.

Dressing Areas
The church parlor is available for use by the bride and bridesmaids. Grooms and groomsmen should utilize the choir room. If the reception is at another location, all clothing and personal items should be removed immediately following the wedding ceremony. If the reception is on-site, all items should be removed immediately following the reception. The church assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen personal items.

General Stipulations
No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products are allowed in any part of the church facilities at any time. There should be no vulgar language used at any time on church property, nor should there be any vulgar items used at any time on church property. The Wedding Coordinator shall be the judge of the church policy regarding vulgarity. The party reserving any area of the church is responsible for damages to the building, furnishings, and/or equipment.

Scheduling Restrictions
Weddings may not be scheduled on the following days:

Wednesday evenings
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day
New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Good Friday (or the Saturday before Easter)
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day

In addition wedding rehearsals should not exceed 1 � hours in length. Saturday weddings may not begin after 3:00 p.m., unless the reception is held at another location.

Flowers, decorations & Candles
The following policies refer to the use of flowers, decorations, candles or furniture:

Only dripless candles may be used and must be placed in a shielded candelabra. Couples
are responsible for informing florists of our policy. In the event of wax drippings, the florist
will be billed for any damages to the floor, furniture or carpet.

Flowers and decorations shall not be placed on the pulpit stand, baptistery, curtains or placed on musical instruments.

Decorations shall not be fastened with adhesives, tape, pins, tacks or nails.

No furniture should be moved or rearranged without consulting the Wedding Coordinator.

All floral arrangements and decorations should be removed immediately after the ceremony.
University Baptist Church reserves the right to restrict florists who have previously violated
church policies regarding weddings.

The church does not provide floral arrangements, decorations or candelabras.

Seasonal decorations may not be removed or rearranged.

The conduct and activity of the photographer should in no way detract from the wedding ceremony. While flash photography of the recessional is allowed, non flash photography between the processional and recessional is allowed. Non-flash photography is allowed at any time during the ceremony. The photographer should position himself between the wedding guests and the wedding party.

The following financial arrangements shall pertain to non-members:

Use of Sanctuary            $250

Wedding Coordinator    $100

Sound Technician          $  75

Custodian                      $100

                                  =  $525

Use of Fellowship Hall   $150

Custodian                      $100

Rehearsal Dinner           $ 75

Custodian                      $ 50

The following financial arrangements shall pertain to members:

Use of Sanctuary              - 0-

Wedding Coordinator   $100

Sound Technician          $ 75

Custodian                      $100

Updated: October 2010