Responsibilities of Discipleship Committee

(Formerly Christian Education Committee)

1. Composition: The Committee shall consist of the following persons:
----Sunday School Director
----Sunday School Department Directors
----Three members at large from the congregation to serve 3 year terms
----The chairperson shall be elected from the members at large

2. The committee shall provide direction and oversight for the overall Christian education ministry of the University Baptist Church with the goal to provide the most effective educational experiences.It is the responsibility of the committee to evaluate current and potential education programs and to make appropriate changes and recommendations.

3. The committee shall be responsible for the enlistment and training of workers in education ministries. This includes such ministries as Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Missions Organizations (G.A,'s, R.A.'s, and Mission Friends), Faith Weaver Friends Leaders and Children's Choir Leaders.

4. The committee shall work with the Sunday School to provide direction and oversight for Sunday School curriculum and organization.

5. The committee shall work with the church staff to provide occasional educational events such as all church retreats, special Bible Studies, Weekend Special Focus Events and Short Term Special Topic Classes.

Updated 1/1/2018