Technology Team Charter


1) Provide oversight and direction for the church’s technology ministry - sound, projection, computer, electronic sign, web page, and internet access.

2) Evaluate and make recommendations to the church concerning ongoing technology needs and possibilities.

3) Assist the staff and Properties Committee to provide up to date computers and software for the church office.

4) Assist in set up for multimedia presentations.

5) Enlist and train volunteers for technology services such as sound/multimedia operation for worship services and other meetings.

6) Manage internet access for the church.

7) Keep the church website current and fresh.

8) Assist church members and prospects in using the church web page.

9) Develop and provide oversight for church web-presence policies.

10) Oversee maintenance and repair of technology equipment.

11) Administer the Technology Ministry portion of the annual budget.


Updated 11/02/2017
* per 7/12/2017 business meeting