1. Requests for usage of the van will be handled through the church office. A calendar will be kept in the church office for scheduling purposes. Scheduling will be on a first come, first served basis. The van will be assigned by the Transportation Committee on an alternating basis in most cases.

    The group using the van will be responsible for picking up the keys and credit cards (if one is to be used) from the church office during office hours. These must be returned, along with fuel receipts, as soon as possible after the trip.

2. The driver will give a mechanical report after each usage. This report will be given to a member of the Transportation Committee.

3. Driving requirements:

A. The driver will be a member of University Baptist Church.
B. All drivers must be approved by the Transportation Committee.
C. A driver must be at least 21 years of age.

Any exceptions to "A" or "C" must be approved by the Transportation Committee.

4. The van will be used only for University Baptist Church. The van is not intended for the personal use of any church member.

5. The driver is the final authority on the van and all sponsers will assist in maintaining order. Children's and non local trips by youth groups must have adequate sponsorship with a minimum of one (1) sponsor per group, excluding the driver.

6. The capacity of the van is 15 people. This capacity will not be exceeded. Seat belts must be worn at all times. A group must have at least 6 persons for the van to be used, with the exception of transporting to church those otherwise unable to attend.

7. All groups must pay for the fuel used, either from their budget line or by charging a fuel fee.

8. Those using the van will be responsible for filling the fuel tanks before and after use. The van must also be cleaned before return. There will be no eating or drinking on the van.

9. Church vehicles will not be used when weather conditions are dangerous or vehicle is unsafe to operate. Determinations will be made by the Transportation Committee.

10. The van is intended for the extension of the ministry of University Baptist Church. The van, along with all other physical properties of the church, is intended to aid in reaching people for Christ and maturing them in the Christian faith. The van will be treated at all times with this intent in mind.

11. Conflicts and/or questions should be addressed to the Transportation Committee.

UBC (rev. 2-95)